3 Reasons Why Your Relationship Isn’t Working

If you are finding that your relationship isn’t as good as it once was then perhaps it is time to take a step back and try to see it from an outsiders point of view. The things that you think may be normal within your love life may not appear that normal to those around you outside of the partnership and what you will often find is that one of the following three reasons why your relationship isn’t working is the culprit!

1.       A lack of communication is the fastest way to kill a relationship. You might think that you are traveling along, existing nicely within the partnership but if there is a lack of communication, you are on your way to finding trouble. You should be able to talk about your day and have views and opinions on everyday life and if you cannot manage this, how are you going to be able to talk when something really serious pops up? Talking about the smaller things is the best way of finding resolves to the bigger things if they ever arise.

2.       Trust is something that every relationship needs but very few couples actually have. You don’t need to have been betrayed by your current partner to have trust issues and you may even find that they arise from past relationships causing problems that you never even knew existed.

3.       Last but certainly not least, the final thing that could potentially put the nail in your relationship coffin is a lack of empathy for the other person. If you have made plans but your partner wants to cancel because of a particularly hard day, it is easy to jump to angry emotions and the feeling that the other person is selfish. Sometimes you must be able to put yourself in their shoes to make the relationship work.

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