Are You Dating a Womanizer?

IS there something not quite right about your relationship? Is there a chance that you could be dating a womanizer? It’s something that most women don’t want to have to deal with but let’s face it; at some point in their life there is a high possibility that they are going to date one of these sneaky men!

If you are already reading this then there is a good chance that you already think that you could possibly be dating a man that is playing you. The thing that you need to do to tell for sure is to look beyond the smooth and squeaky clean exterior. He may be polite, kind, caring and buying you cute presents all the time but this is just a cover for the behavior that he is really showing. You need to look beyond the nice things that come out of his mouth. He might say that you are the only girl for him on a regular basis but is this just to put your mind at ease? Did he say this very soon into the relationship and now you are starting to wonder?

The trick that many of these men try is to sweep you off your feet as soon as possible so that you only see the good stuff and you never notice the bad. You can get carried away in the whole whirlwind romance that noticing that female fragrance surrounding him is furthest from your mind. As a general rule; if he seems to be too good to be true, he probably is. All men have bad points!

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