Dating – The Balance Between Friends And Your Man

Let’s set the scene – you have met the most wonderful man in the world and he’s invited you out on Saturday night for dinner and a movie. The thing is, your friends have invited you out the same night and you are not sure what to do. Your friends will always be there though, right? You can see them anytime you want but this man just takes up your entire focus right now. This is the worst sin committed by any girl. Choosing your man over your friends is the biggest faux pas and the thing that you need to work out is how to have a schedule that works perfectly with your man without cutting out your friends.

The thing that you need to remember is that when this man walks out of your life, which let’s face it, he might, your friends will be the people that you count on to pick you up off the ground and nurse you back to full health. Your friends will always be there but the men in your life might just be a latest hobby.

The best thing that you can do is to make a deal where you see your friends for one weekend and your man the following weekend and keep following this pattern unless something unexpected turns up. You should be spending just as much time with your man as you do with your friends especially if you have a group of single friends, Sex and The City style. There will be sacrifices that need to be made and you must allow your man to visit his friends just as you want to see yours. It is all about compromise.

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