Dating for a Financial Objective

If you are looking for a partner with a lot of money that wants to spend it on you, then you may be called a gold digger, but your objective is not any worse than another person’s.  Some people look for sex, others are trying to fill a void of loneliness and you want money.  If you find the right person that is completely ok in fulfilling that need then it’s completely ok.

Don’t trick people though, don’t try to fool them, be who you are, go for what you want and be honest with them and yourself.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that you like money, that you love to shop and spend his or her money.  Some people completely understand that.

In fact, some people even get high paying jobs so that they can find an attractive partner to spend money on.  The only reason that it is looked upon negatively is because people are not honest with each other.  If there is more honesty about it then it will have less negativity.

People marry for all kinds of reasons.  You probably don’t want to be stuck in an unhappy relationship so tell the truth and be with someone that understands your financial desires.  You can find happiness when your dating objective is financially motivated.

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