Getting Ready For Online Dating

The thing with online dating is that it can sometimes be a get out clause for those that are not confident or ready enough to date in the real world rather than the virtual one. If you are not ready for dating then you won’t be for any aspect of dating whether it is online or otherwise so answer these simple questions before you dive into the journey to determine whether or not you are actually ready for dating.

Are you still hung up on your ex? If you are then there is a good chance that this will be blatantly obvious to the other people on the site that you are potentially hoping to date. If you have recently come out of a long term relationship then there is a good chance that you will not be ready so give yourself a few weeks or even months before you start with online dating to ensure that you are actually ready for your new journey.

Are you happy with yourself? This is a question that a lot of people will say no to but in reality, if you have low self-esteem or confidence levels and are not happy with yourself then how can you expect anyone else to be happy with you? It is a great idea to work on your self-esteem issues before you dive into online dating.

Do you have a sense of humor? If the answer to this question is no then you may struggle with online dating. There will be some strange people out there that may send you messages on the sites that you use and you must have a giggle about it, take it as a compliment and politely decline. Don’t be strung up on the fact that men are sending you provocative messages; at least you are getting invites!

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