How to Get Your ex to Contact You

If you miss your ex terribly and are trying to get them to phone you if they will not answer or return your calls then help is at hand. Here you can find the sure fire ways to work out how to get your ex to contact you.

First of all, you need to come up with a believable reason to ensure that your ex must call you. This will work as instead of begging to get your ex back you are coming up with a reason to talk that is aside from this. Perhaps you have something of theirs left at your house and you want them to pick it up? A simple text message or email asking them to make a date to do so is perfect!

Curiosity is a great reason for your ex to call so perhaps you should leave them a message stating that you have some kind of secret or great news to tell them. This generally only works if you actually have news or a secret but if not, make something up that you can later prove!

If your ex was constantly on at you for doing something then do it and again leave them a message stating that you have done so. If it is something that you are proud of and you know that your ex will be too, they are bound to call you and say congratulations.

Once you have managed to get your ex to call you, you must take careful steps to make sure that you do not mess it up so be wary and do not try and beg them back just yet!

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