How to Not Break Up

People breakup for many different reasons but there is a right and wrong way to break up with your partner.

The last thing you want to do is hurt someone who has been in your life them so break up the appropriate way. For example, if you are interested in someone else, don’t tell your soon to be ex that you have found someone new. I can assure you this is not what they want to hear. Never tell them how hard it is for you to be breaking up with them. They will not sympathize with you and will not feel sorry for you. If you are breaking up because you feel the relationship is moving too fast and you are feeling too attached, then don’t tell them that. It is your fault that you didn’t communicate to them earlier. Also, don’t ever go with the “I’m doing you a big favor” line. It seems like it is a foolish excuse and it is. Never, ever use the break up line that includes you still wanting to be intimate. You can’t expect to break up with someone and for them to still sleep with you. It just isn’t right to ask that of someone. Lastly, the infamous “I love you but I’m not in love” is a weak excuse.

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