How to Send Good Messages When Dating Online?

Once you have set up your profile online, you can start to send messages to people you might be interested in. However, you always want to make sure that you leave a good impression when you send your message. Here are some ways to do exactly that:

Gather information from profiles before sending messages

Once you’ve found someone interesting, make sure to read their profile carefully before sending a message. You don’t need to include much information from their profile in your message, but it’s a good idea to better understand their personality and interests. Mentioning a common interest when you write your message can be a good “icebreaker”, and it can be a good way to show that you pay good attention to detail.

Take care when composing the message

Make sure that your messages are free of spelling or grammatical errors. This is important as many people are picky about proper English in messages. This can show that you are intelligent and professional. Try to avoid “IM speak”. While moderate use of internet acronyms is fine, save the messy abbreviations for when you are instant messaging or texting the person.

Be patient when waiting for a response

People are busy, and not everyone has the time to check their messages every day. Never send messages that ask why someone hasn’t responded: it comes off as desperate and they may have just not had the time to respond. You might try sending a second message if they do not respond, but try to avoid being pushy when you send messages.

These are just a few tips to follow when writing messages to other singles on dating websites. With these tips, you will be better equipped to impress with your online messages!

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