How to Spot a Good Profile When Dating Online

When you are looking for love on an online dating service, you want to ensure that the profiles of the people you may message contain accurate information, and also that they will be a good match for you if you decide to eventually meet. Spotting a good profile can be the key to finding love when you are dating online. Here are some things to look for in a good online profile.

Detailed information

A good profile contains a decent amount of decent information. When you are finished reading the profile, you should have a good sense of who the person is. As well, it is important to look for one or even several things that you could mention when you send a first message. This could be a shared interest or hobby or just something interesting that they have listed in their profile.

A good picture

All good profiles should have a good picture. If the person whose profile you are reading has no picture, they may be worth not pursuing unless you are engrossed by the content of their profile. If their picture is attractive and you think you might be interested, that’s great, but make sure the picture is not old or from a deceiving angle.


Confidence is key when you are looking for love online. A confident person will fill out their profile completely with no blank or “not sure” type of answers.

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