Staying Over at Her Place

If you ended up at her place last night and you have decided to not make this a one night thing, then there’s some things you should keep in mind.  Respect her property.  Don’t go snooping around her cabinets and definitely do not move anything.  You have been allowed into her private sanctuary and if you go and start messing it up then you have missed the significance of the honor of being there.

One thing that you can do is check out the fridge, see if there’s anything that you can make for a nice breakfast for the two of you.  However, if you are lucky, she might have already made breakfast for you.  The one really tricky thing about staying over at her house for the first time is bathroom etiquette.

If you are easily embarrassed then you might be thinking that you are going to hold it in.  However, that is not the best plan.  Simple scope out the restroom, make sure it is private, has a fan or air freshener and you should be set.  You might be surprised that this is even a topic of discussion, but this is really a common problem.

Just respect her place in every action that you take and she will appreciate it greatly.

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