The Lonely Spouse

Lonely GuyChances are, if you and your spouse work and lead very busy lives, one or both of you are feeling lonely. The good thing is that something can be done about this and you are in it together so you have each other. You need to start leaving time to reconnect and talk.


It truly is an easy fix by setting up a date night. During this time talk about your week, what’s going on at work, what the kids are up to and things that are important to both of you. Try to do this at least once a week. A date night is more about just having a conversation. Cuddle, laugh, reminisce or do whatever you do that once kept you connected and attracted to each other. If you have serious issues then a date night may not be able to solve everything. There is nothing wrong with meeting up with a professional to help you through the hard times. In the meantime still keep a date night that involves doing things you both enjoy. Find time to relax and give each other attention. Without it, issues will grow and your relationship may even start to dissolve. Make sure your spouse isn’t lonely and start booking your date nights!


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