The Smothering Date

So you have been going out with this lovely lady for about a month now.  You two spend time together about twice a week.  It has not been that serious and you have been fine with that.  Then, all of a sudden, she starts to call more, show up at your door and she’s starting to change a lot.  Telling her to back off might mess up the situation that you have, but you are starting to feel a little smothered.  Is there a way that you can still hang out with her the way it used to be or is it going to have to end.

If she has started to smother you then the only chance you are going to have to salvage the fun you were having is to sit her down and have a talk.  The talk should be simple, lighthearted and contain one question – “What do you want from this relationship?”

If the answer has anything to do with something you don’t want, then you need to let her know that you don’t see it the same way. Just let her know that you aren’t looking to end it with her, but that you would like her to know exactly how you feel.  If she understands then it should be cool and if she doesn’t want to continue then so be it.

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