Thinking of Her Always

If you just recently got out of a relationship, then you may be thinking of your ex a lot.  You might even be talking about him or her to your dates and not even realizing it.  It isn’t extremely polite to continually bring up the hurt that you just went through with another person.  It can be a bit tacky if you think about it.

How can you stop doing it though?  Take that person out of your mind and live in the moment that is this date.  You are in control of what you talk about, so try to keep away from topics that would remind you of the heartbreak.

You are trying to start fresh and thinking of your ex will only keep you wallowing in self pity.  You may still feel compelled to talk about your ex a lot, and it may be ok with your date, but if it isn’t, then you could be walking out of the restaurant alone.

Talk to your friends about your heartache.  Don’t take it out on your date.  He or she might not appreciate the third wheel that is your ex.  Stay mindful of your date’s feelings and you should be able to get through the whole night without ever mentioning the ex.

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