Three Huge Signs That You Should Move in With Your Girlfriend

Commitment is such a big issue for so many men but the funny thing is most of them are actually committed without even realizing it. One of the biggest leaps that a relationship can take is when the couple moves in together and it can take a long time for both parties to work out whether or not it is time to take the plunge. There are, however, a few huge signs that show you are already in the state of mind where you should be living together and we are going to concentrate on the top three.

1.       If you have found a balance between working, socializing and doing the housework within your relationship then you are on to a winner! You might love ironing but that is Ok because she doesn’t mind it and does that for you while you clean up the bathroom which she absolutely detests! This is alongside taking it in turns to cook and sacrificing nights out to spend a night in front of the television with your loved one because she doesn’t feel that good that night. This is such a harmonious balance of life that it would be such a shame not to make the most of it and let’s face it, most men search a lifetime for this sort of relationship and never manage to find it!

2.       Do you talk to her more than you talk to your best mates? Do you play computer games with her but still find her wildly erotic in the bedroom? Maybe you can tell her about problems that you have in your life no matter what it is. If this is the case then you have found your best friend and your girlfriend all rolled into one. This is a sure fire sign that you should take the relationship to the next step and move in together! If you can already tolerate her that much to the point where you would miss out on nights with the lads because you get that kind of night at home, you are on to a winner!

3.       Last but certainly not least, if you love her above anything else and couldn’t imagine your life without her in it – you are ready!

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