Three Top Things That Show She is Playing Away From Home

It happens to all of us at one time or another in our lives; we get cheated on by someone that we have really fallen for. The thing is for the most part we don’t realize or spot the most common signs that are displayed when this happens. Perhaps if we did spot these signs, we could have prevented a whole world of heartache much earlier on!

One of the classic signs that many girls show when they are straying from the home is that they make much more of an effort to look sexy. They may wax or shave more often than they usually would with you and wear matching lingerie when they normally wouldn’t. You might even find that she has invested in new clothes, shoes, makeup or perfume. These are all huge signs that she is making an effort to impress someone and that someone is probably not you especially if you don’t get to see the final result!

Is she paying less and less attention to you in the bedroom? If it would seem that the passion has well and truly died then there is a good chance that she is having an affair or at least looking for one and especially if this change has happened as if overnight. You might not get a say when and where you do it anymore and on a worse note – it might even appear as if she has become bored by your performance and is thinking or hoping for someone else.

Lastly, she is likely to become very secretive about everything if she is playing away from home. She might no longer let you know of her schedule so that you can make cute lunchtime arrangements or know where she is. She might stop texting you throughout the working day to let you know what she is doing and when she makes plans after work, you are suddenly not involved at all.

Of course these things might not mean that your other half is playing away from home but to be reasonable, it shows a definite change in the relationship that must be addressed as soon as possible!

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