What Counts When it Comes to Dating?

If you always want to be a hit on your dates, then it takes a lot of class and style.  This doesn’t mean that you have to dress the best or talk in a special way; it means you must always act in a manner that is dignified.  People like other people that are even tempered, mild mannered and always cool.

It is not hard to always be cool, all you have to do is listen more than you talk and when you talk always have something interesting to say.  If that doesn’t come easy to you then it will take some practice.  Find a few blogs that are interesting and you can always have something interesting to say on a date.

Current events are also a good fall back conversation topic.  When you have something to say, always say it very calmly and make it sound like the most interesting thing anyone has ever heard.  People just like being around interesting people and you can easily be that person.

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